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Things that should still be a thing, part 3

Mustache Race judgment, 1935

"However, all admitted that the annual senior mustache race conducted by the University of Chicago Blackfriars was no bristling success. You can see the winner Tom Turner, for yourself in this picture. His hirsute adornment was almost too sparse for the camera to register. The losers received a customary ducking in Botany pond; but so unsatisfactory was the downy "crop" produced by the winner that even he was given a dip."

What was the mustache race all about?  I’m not entirely sure.  Should we revive it?  Absolutely.  Apparently the Shady Dealer did so briefly in 2008, but omitting the rather important bit pictured above.

Things that should still be a thing, part 2

This should still be a thing, but definitely with horses that don’t look as creepily self-satisfied.

"Nine University of Chicago girls line up and wait for the starting gun in the hobbyhorse race around the campus circle. The winner Marilyn Fletcher [won] the honor of reigning as queen of the Derby-Day dance on Saturday night. Waiting at the post are, left to right: Miss Fletcher, Lois Merriam, Margaret Fogarty, Doris Arnett, Florence Baumruck, Marjory Mather, Gwendolyn Schmidt, Marian Golden and Marty May. Robert C. Dille is the starter."

Derby Day Queen contest, 1944

(Part one?  See Botany Pond Tug of War)

Maroon Playing Cards

"I just wrapped up a really exciting project for the University of Chicago. I was asked to illustrate a deck of playing cards that would be used as a promotional piece for the school. The university has a beautiful campus that is riddled with gothic architecture. Using the architecture, gargoyles, stained glass windows and wrought iron gates as inspiration, I drew the 12 face cards and the joker card as well as the design for the back of the card." -Illustrator Philip Cheaney

See more: http://magazine.uchicago.edu/slideshow/1104_cards/

The University of Chicago Magazine gives a deck of these cards to donors of $50 or more.  Do want.

via http://fyuchicago.tumblr.com/

Mr. and Ms. U of C


"The Mr. U contest—first won by Andrew Gurian, AB’71, competing under the name Gangrene LaRue—was allegedly the result of lobbying by the Student Project on Equal Rights for Men, which demanded the right for men to be treated as sex objects"

Linda Marinelli (center), Washington Prom Miss University of Chicago, 1953; back row (left to right) Millicent Rupp, Paula Wise, Charlotte Rogatz, and Michelle Herrmann

Psych study: The Police Officer’s Dilemma

The Stereotyping & Prejudice Research Laboratory developed a simple game to test racial bias in split-second decision making:

"Since 2000, we have been working to develop and refine a first-person-shooter videogame, which presents a series of images of young men, some armed, some unarmed, set against realistic backgrounds like parks or city streets. The player’s goal is to shoot any and all armed targets, but not to shoot unarmed targets. Half of the targets are Black, and half are White. We have used this game to investigate whether decisions to "shoot" a potentially hostile target can be influenced by that target’s race."

Play a beta version of the game

I have trouble deciding what action to take when this background picture comes up.  So what if the guy has a gun?  He’s going to be hit by that tram in like two seconds.